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Attorney Ericka Adler leads the healthcare division at the law firm Roetzel and Associates. Roetzel currently represents 10,000 healthcare professionals.

Join us as we talk about the complex relationship between doctors and MSOs (Management Service Organizations), examining both the advantages that come with streamlined operations and the concerns surrounding potential loss of autonomy.


How to Get a Steady Stream of New Patients using AI and Outsourced Lead Follow Up.

Listen to this webinar co-hosted with our friends from Practis as we dive into the secrets of maximizing patient conversions and streamlining your healthcare practices' operations.


Patient No-shows and last minute cancellations are one of the most expensive problems that can plague a clinic.

It can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per year in lost surgical volume and open time blocks in the schedule.

Larry Guzzardo has built a career helping medical clinics around the country fix this problem.

On this episode we talk about:

Why patients no-show their appointments

How to increase patient commitment

The mindset change that needs to happen for clinics


Mike Grant has journeyed from West Point to Ethicon (bariatric rep) to being the CEO of an Ambulatory Surgery Center. The center he runs is about to perform their 1000th bariatric surgery.

In this episode we talk about:

Getting to 15 doctors operating at the surgery center
Performing sleeves and switches in the ASC
The surprises and hurdles on the way to getting the doors open.

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