Patient Acquisition System for laser eye centers

Imagine if you could finally know how many patients your advertising is generating... and only pay for a showed appointment?

Boost was born in 2018 when our co-founder, Matty, was consulting in the back office of a surgeon's clinic in Texas.

Matty was shocked at the relatively small number of patients generated from the clinic’s marketing budget.

The clinic had long, detailed reports about clicks, impressions, views, leads, calls, visitors, cost per lead, cost per click...

But ultimately no one knew if all this marketing was actually bringing in the ONE METRIC that actually matters -- patients!

Boost is on a mission to change the way medical marketing works.

You don't care how many clicks or calls you get... you care how many patients you get!

Our Patients On Demand System was built after years of trial and error in the medical space, working with dozens of surgeons, following up with hundreds of thousands of potential patients in 50+ markets across the United States.

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Want to learn more?

Call or Text Us at (806) 375-4350 or email us at

Want to Learn more?

Call or Text Us at (806) 375-4350 or email us at

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